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"I have been working with Yvette for six years now. Because of the demands of my sport, I have had different injuries to my back, ab muscles, shoulder, ankle, and wrist. Yvette has treated all these ailments and because of all her knowledge and skills as far as treatment and rehab, I have been able to get back to 100 percent health and perform my best. She has definitely had a big hand in my successes and keeping me healthy. Yvette is also constantly learning new techniques for treating injuries and improving the body which gives me even more confidence in her abilities because like all true professionals, she is always trying to get better and improve her craft. Lastly, Yvette has always been a great friend and I would like to thank her for all her support. I am so lucky to have someone of her ability right here at home in Terre Haute."

 Ruben Gonzales
Professional Tennis Player


"My name is Ebba Adamson and I am 57 years old. I had surgery in February 2015 and couldn't do much for 5 weeks. When I finally got back into the Gym l over did it and injured my knee. It was swollen and sore and I could barely walk. I iced it and rested it for a few weeks and it seemed to be getting better, but then would hurt again. I decided to call Ultimate and get an appointment with Yvette. She did athorough exam of my knee and began treatment that day. She began using ASTYM, electrical stimulation and ice. She also taped my knee to keep it aligned and help with swelling. I really wanted to do Pilates, so we began Incorporating that into my treatments as well. I saw results from the therapy within a couple of weeks, the swelling decreased and my range of motion increased. And I loved the Pilalesl I did therapy for approximately one and a half months before I saw an orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI. At that time the pain in my knee had already improved significantly. By the time I went back to the doctor to get the results of the MRI, I had little to no pain and was able to do all of my normal activities. The doctor couldn't believe that I didn't have any pain because I had several things wrong with my knee including a pretty significant tear. He recommended surgery but I didn't really want to have surgery unless it was absolutely necessary, but t also wanted to make sure I wasn't doing more damage by continuing to use my knee, so I decided to get a second opinion. The second doctor looked at the MRI, examined my knee and told me his recommendation was not to have surgery. He felt the tear had probablv been there for a long time and I just aggravated it. He said "It looks like the therapy did the trick! While I can't promise everyone will be able to avoid surgery like I did, I can promise you will benefit from physical therapy.

Most of my therapy sessions were with Yvette, but I also had the opportunity to work with several of the other therapists including Tom, Judy, and Amor, and everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone I spoke to at the reception desk was polite, and helpful in scheduling appointments to fit my schedule. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Ultimate Physical Therapy! I highly recommend Yvette and her staff.

I may have finished my therapy, but I will be continuing the Pilates!"

Ebba Adamson


"Thank you to Yvette at Ultimate Health & Fitness for getting me to the start line for my sixth Ironman triathlon.  With the amount of training it takes to get there, you must constantly walk a fine line between peak fitness and injury.  Between bike crashes and strained muscles, Yvette has always taken a personal interest in getting me back on the road as quickly as possible.  If you are looking for someone to help you get back into your game, then I would look no further.   Thanks, Yvette…you are the best.

Vaughn Rightley

"This is a letter to express my appreciation for Yvette Hernandez's ability and dedication to help me. My name is Eva Kor, age 82 years old. For the past 7 years i have suffered from numerous painful inflammations; in my shoulders, and legs, particularly my right IT Band after both of my hips have been replaced. Yvette is my "Life Saver" from being domed to eternal pain. Before I came to see her I have seen as many as 5 physical therapist and three pain relieve doctors-none have been able to help me. First she does a detailed evaluation than she proceeds with her energetic and caring treatment and every time I have pain, she heals me. At times, I am ashamed that I need her help. In my opinion there is no other physical therapist like Yvette Hernandez, and if you are looking for the best you must try her. You will thank me for recommending her."

Eva Kor

"In June of 1999, I awoke to intense pain all over my body.  I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.  I was treated with the standard medicines available at the time but still had difficulty functioning.   I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t do normal exercise.  Fibromyalgia was a controversial diagnosis at the time, and many in the medical field thought it was an imagined illness.  In 2001, my rheumatologist sent me to a young and talented Physical Therapist named Yvette Hernandez.   She put me into pool therapy which gave me immediate and much needed relief.

I continued to see Yvette, but in 2007, she changed my life.  I was referred to her once again by my rheumatologist, this time for shoulder therapy.  She treated my shoulder, but she also started training me in Pilates.  My body started to change and I lost weight.  The nagging, burning, pain started to ease.  I developed muscles that had wasted due to lack of weight bearing exercise.  My overall well being was significantly better.

 There have been too many flare-ups to count, throughout my body, and she has been there for each and every one, including a remarkable rehabilitation - - as noted by my surgeon - - after a total left knee replacement.  She had me back to Pilates in 3 weeks.  Afterward, I developed severe hip pain.  Yvette was convinced it was my IT Band.  She took the time to travel with me to an appointment with my surgeon.  Together, at her suggestion, they decided that I needed ASTYM treatment.  She got certified in ASTYM, and, once again, she has changed my life with her talents.  Yvette is unbelievably dedicated to the health and well being of her patients.  5 years later, my knee is doing well and I walk my dogs almost every day.

In 2011, I had a shoulder and rotator repair.  Of course I wanted to rehab with Yvette at Ultimate Physical Therapy.  She massaged, manipulated and made sure that I had full range of motion.  There is no doubt Pilates is responsible for my full range of motion in my shoulder today.  My surgeon is always so impressed with my outcomes, and I give credit to Yvette.

You will never find anyone as dedicated, energetic, compassionate, or as eager to learn new treatment modalities, as Yvette Hernandez and the staff at Ultimate Physical Therapy.  Without them, my quality of life would be abysmal."

Tammy Roach

"Yvette and her staff were wonderful for my daughter and athletes.  My 14 year old daughter rehabbed, after fracturing her back, with Yvette and her staff.  They not only increased her strength and flexibility, but they also gave her the confidence needed to return to her sports activities.  My athletes worked with Yvette twice a week and loved it.  Their flexibility and strength improved tremendously in a very short period of time."

Jeff Thompson
Former THS and Terre Haute Torpedo Head Coach
Current Germantown Academy Swimming Head Coach

"Before I first came to Ultimate Therapy, I was nearly crippled. 
With my several health issues, they have been so patient and have suggested so many ways that I can improve my health that I thought at first that I would never be able to do it all. But I have. 

I've had physical therapy for different problems and I'm always sorry when it over. Everyone there has been so helpful and it's obvious that they all know what they are doing. Very professional and kind in every way. 
I have suggested to others that this is the best place to go for physical therapy. I owe them so much. They've basically given me my life back.

Thank you for helping me overcome so much!"

Patty Thomas

"Got to see my 6'6" son touch the floor with his fingers - legs straight - after two months of PT. Thanks Yvette for a job well done and getting his confidence back after surgery. He is better than before and really motivated. You and your team at Ultimate Physical Therapy Terre Haute did a great job. In case you were wondering he couldn't get his hands much past his knees when he started!"

Mary White Riley


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